Name : Madliani Takveri


The members of cooperative "Madliani Takveri: are experienced beekeepers, who have long experience of working together. They created cooperative in 2016 and the cooperation appeared to be fruitful. Now the number of its members increased to 8, as well as the  number of bee families they own. The cooperative is focusing on quality and natural honey that is protected from outside influence. "Madliani Takveri" produces three varieties of honet-chestnut, acatia, and linden and plans to include alpine honey as well.

It's not easy to take care of the bees, but all of its members are professional beekeepers. Despite this, they had to face many challenges to develop the business: They didn't own a car to transport the beehives and hiring one was costly and soemtiems delayed, making it difficult to follow scheule for transportation. Before becoming a cooperative, they had little amount of honey and accordingly, few clients.

Within CARE cooperative program, the members united for one aim and with support, their work became easier. The cooperative received a truck for transportation, which is big relief and allows them to transport the hives. They also received hives and equipment. The production icnreased, and the members are glad, because the clientand income  is more now.

After advancing, cooperative hopes for better future. The members have a lot of plans to move forward. Currently they focus on a quality honey, but plan to produce mother bees in the future and collect bee venom. "We're hoping for better, we want to sell the beefamilies ourselves, not to be dependent on others and produce everything ourselves".

"Madliani Takveri" needs wider markets and more clients for more siuccess. They manage to maintain not only the amount but also the quality of honey, which is attractive to many potential clients.

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