05 02 2020

An Exhibition Was Organized for the Women Entrepreneurs from Akhmeta and Tetritskaro Municipalities

On December 29, an exhibition organized for women entrepreneurs from Akhmeta and Tetritskaro municipalities where they presented their natural agricultural products and handmade items. 

The goal of the exhibition was to support rural women to demonstrate the products, goods or yields that they have already produced and plan to expand their business within the frames of small grants somponent.

Participating in the exhibition was a huge step for active women.  "I am very happy and pleased to take part in such a great exhibition. I think this will help me to become more powerful and develop my business". - says one of the women entrepreneur from Pankisi.


The Christmas Fair was conducted under the project "Women's Economic Empowerment through Social Mobilization and Capacity Building". The project is implemented by KRDF, TF and CARE with support of SDC, ADC and UN Women.